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Communication Planning and Communication Strategy

Communication planning is one of the most neglected areas of corporate planning. Communication with customer and the media (external) and with employees and staff (internal) is essential for long term success. Learn more about communications strategy, implementation and planning

Communications Planning for Organizations Factsheet
By Pat Inett: Need a quick overview of how to plan a communication strategy? Highly recommended suggestions on how to do just that from the Ontario Government.

How To Write A Good Communications Plan - An Overview
By Dave Fleet: Excellent 6 part series on how to write a good communication plan. Recommended, although it's broken up into small bits. Read the whole series.

Speaking in Public Confidently
By Mahavir Mohnot: Plan on using these preparation tips just prior to your next speaking engagement. Some practical tips are included to help calm your public speaking jitters.

Tips For Preparing Your Speech
By Mahavir Mohnot: Some good tips for speech planning are listed within this article. Follow-thru on each tip and you'll find yourself ready to deliver a top-notch presentation.

Communications Breakdown
By RICHARD H. LEVEY: From the "dog bites man" school of obvious news: One-third of direct marketers feel the biggest challenge they face when dealing with an outside service provider is the vendor's lack of understanding of their business, according to a survey conducted by database firm Alterian.

Innovation: Why Innovations Sit on the Shelf - Communication Failure!
By Michael Beer: When organization can't capitalize on great ideas, the answer may have more to do with communication than inventiveness. The authors offer a four-point communication strategy to create an enterprise that can drive rapid innovation and compete on a global scale

Strategic Communications Planning
By Peter O'Malley: From a presentation made in Ottawa, Canada these notes are designed for the internal or external consultant tasked with creating a strategic communication plan. Focuses on communication as a strategic tool.

Two Ways To Quickly Improve Your Communications Plans | davefleet.com
By Dave Fleet: A quick article that deal with the differences between objectives and strategy as the difference pertain to the effectiveness of a communication strategy.

Planning Tools: How to write a communications strategy | Publication | Overseas Development Institute (ODI) | Overseas Development Institute (ODI)
By Ingie Hovland: What should a communication strategy plan include? Here's a nice run-down on what you should put in your strategy for communication.

How To Write A Good Communications Plan :Evaluation
By Dave Fleet: In this part of a multi-part series on writing good communication plans, the focus is on evaluation. Many companies don't evaluate their plans and implementation, and it's a critical component. Read HOW to evaluate the communication plan here.

Telephone Systems Need To Be Customer Friendly
By Derek Stockley: Are your communication processes user-friendly? Learn some tips and strategies that will help you design a telephone communication process that allows your customer easy access to company personnel.

Cracking the Communication Code Between Men and Women in the Workplace
By n a: This article asserts that even in this day and age a woman in the workplace needs to have a particular communication strategy to succeed. Why the communication gap exists between men and women is discussed. Also, various ways of handling the communication disconnect are advised.

Strategy Without Tactics Is Futile
By Helen Wilkie: From time to time there seems to be a flurry of studies and surveys on effective communication in the workplace. As a communication specialist, I'm always eager to read these studies, but am often disappointed with what I see. That's because they all seem to be about communication strategy.

Communicating Strategy - TD Industries Extensive Approach To Strategic Planning
By CSSP: Great strategy without clear communication to those who have to implement it typically fails. The lesson from TDIndustries' experience: determine the message and then communicate, communicate, communicate.


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