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Top : Financial Planning For Baby Boomers

Financial Planning For Baby Boomers

Different generations face different issues as they plan financially and for their retirements. In this section you'll find help with the planning needs of baby boomers.

Debt A Problem For Baby Boomers Retirement Plans
By Jim Yih: Baby boomers who are getting ready for retirement need to get serious about planning for the best years of their lives. Part of getting serious is addressing debt head on and taking the necessary steps to develop good habits around debt. Here are some of my tips on how boomers can deal with the debt epidemic:

Baby Boomers Set To Inherit $1 Trillion | Faiella Financial Group - Managing General Agency (MGA), Financial Planners, Life Insurance, Travel Insurance, Retirement Planning, MGA
By Madhavi Acharya-Tom Yew: There's a tidal wave of wealth coming -- and it may help baby boomers who are drowning in debt right now keep their heads above water as they approach retirement, experts say. The ubiquitous boomers, those born in the period just after the Second World War through the mid-1960s, are set to inherit an estimated $1 trillion from their parents over the next 20 years. Mind you that seems like a huge number, but many will not inherit anything at all, so it's hardly comforting on an individual level.

How Baby Boomers Will Change Retirement - Many Will Mix Work and Play
By Sharon O'Brien: Many baby boomers plan to keep working and earning money during their retirement years, but will alternate between periods of work and leisure, according to a survey by Merrill Lynch.

Retirement Prospects for Baby Boomers After 2011 Double Dip: 5 Tips to Financial Recovery
By Andrew G Boyd: Prospects for Baby Boomers have been made worse by the uncertainty over the Dollar and the Euro. The 2011 double dip has seen markets plunge again and all time low bank interest rates, decimating the retirement plans of millions. There is no prospect of a recovery in the pipe line and even China and Germany are beginning to groan. With time now a crunch factor, boomers must act wisely. Here are 5 tips to financial recovery which will eliminate your fears and give you confidence about the future.

Financial Planning - Sandwich generation facing conflicting priorities
By livia Li: While aimed at investment consultants, this short article spells out some of the factors that baby boomers must take into account as part of their financial planning.

Baby Boomers flirting with financial ruin
By Liam Lahey: Canada's largest demographic cohort is flirting with financial disaster. Only 23 per cent of those in the 'Baby Boomer' generation -- those born between 1946 and 1965 -- have a clear picture of their retirement, according to recent research from TD Canada Trust. One reason that so few have a vision for their retirement, TD says, is that only 38 per cent of Canadians (and 43 per cent of Boomers) have a financial plan, which is particularly troubling considering the first boomers began in turn 65-years-old in 2011.

Pay Off Mortgage, Start Retirement Saving? 50 and Readying For Retirement
By Dr. Don Taylor: It's not too late to start planning for your retirement, even if you are in your early fifties. So, where do you start? Paying off the mortgage.

The Online Community for the 50 and up Adults - LifeAfter50.com | FIVE FINANCIAL TIPS EVERY BABY BOOMER SHOULD KNOW |
By na: Today, 10,000 baby boomers will turn 65. Another 10,000 will turn 65 tomorrow. According to the Pew Research Center, this is a trend that will continue each day for roughly the next 18 years. Yes, the baby boomer generation is hitting the traditional retirement age, and with that comes a host of questions and concerns about how they can best handle their financial situations and what they can do to help plan for a successful retirement. "With a very slow growing economy, we have heard from many baby boomers who are a little nervous about retiring and living out the rest of their life on a fixed income," explains Brad Glickman, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER� professional and President of Bernard R. Wolfe & Associates, Inc., a company specializing in offering wealth management strategies. "The good news is that there are a lot of steps that can still be taken to help make the most out of their financial situation during their retirement years." Here are 5 financial tips every baby boomer should know:

12 Terrifying Retirement Facts Keeping Boomers And Their Advisors Up at Night | Guaranteed Solutions For Today And Beyond
By Larry Barrett: Americans, particularly Baby Boomers, are more nervous about and unprepared for their retirement today than at any time in history. Survey after survey has found that people are delaying their retirements, planning to work during their retirement and scaling back expectations for their golden years. Here are the details of 12 frightening facts that Baby Boomers and their financial advisors need to appreciate and address in the coming year to ensure they're properly prepared for the retirement they've always envisioned.

Will Boomers Have Enough to Retire?
By Gary Foreman: It's no secret that the housing bubble and recession of the last four years has caused financial heartache for many of us. One group that has been especially hard hit is the baby boomer generation. For years boomers have believed that they would retire in their mid-sixties and enjoy their golden years playing golf and traveling. They planned to fund retirement with a paid-off home that kept increasing in value, private savings via 401k and IRAs, and Social Security for which they had been contributing since their teens.

Retirement - Are Boomers Ready for Retirement? For Many Boomers, Retirement Takes More Than Money
By Sharon O'Brien: Baby boomers are defined as Americans who were born between 1946 and 1964. The oldest baby boomers reach age 60 in 2006, and may be thinking about retirement. They will be eligible to use the money in their 401K retirement pension plans without paying a penalty to the IRS. What do baby boomers want for the future? And what are some of the issues that baby boomers should consider as retirement approaches?


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