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Human Resource Planning

Human resource planning is the term used to describe how companies ensure that their staff are the right staff to do the jobs. Sub topics include planning for staff retention, planning for candidate search, training and skills analysis and much more.

How Boomers Will Change Your Firm
By Tracey Longo: What will your firm look like in 2015? With about 75 million baby boomers retiring, different than than it does now

When doing an external scan of the environment for purposes of human resources planning (HR planning), what things should we look at?
By Robert Bacal: n order to do human resource planning, you need to have a sense of both the current external environment, and anticipate things that may happen in the future in the labor market place. You do this via an external scan or environmental scan that can address the following issues and questions

How is human resource planning linked to overall strategic planning?
By Robert Bacal: Is there a relationship between overall corporate strategic planning and HR planning? You bet, and you need to understand the link.

Can you suggest a process to use for human resources planning?
By Robert Bacal: HR planning is complex, but here's a quick overview of a process you can start with.

Can you suggest some ways of making human resource planning more effective?
By Robert Bacal: Suggestions and advice on how to make human resource planning more effective in your organization. pop

What is workforce analysis?
By Robert Bacal: Workforce analysis is an essential part of any human resources planning endeavor. Here's a brief approach to using workforce analyis to identify staffing gaps.

What human resource functions need to be planned?
By Robert Bacal: A list of human resource functions and activities that need to be addressed in human resources planning.

What is human resources planning (or HR planning)? A definition.
By Robert Bacal: Part of our short FAQ on human resource planning, this presents a basic definition of human resource planning pop

When doing an internal scan for purposes of human resource planning what questions should I address?
By Robert Bacal: Learn about how to go about doing an internal scan as part of human resources planning.

A guide to strategic human resource planning
By workinfo: A comprehensive Human Resource Strategy plays a vital role in the achievement of an organisation's overall strategic objectives and visibly illustrates that the human resources function fully understands and supports the direction in which the organisation is moving. A comprehensive HR Strategy will also support other specific strategic objectives undertaken by the marketing, financial, operational and technology departments.

Is human resource planning only relevant to large companies or should small businesses do HR planning too?
By Robert Bacal: Small businesses need to address their staffing and human resources needs by planning too, even if there isn't even an HR department.

Workforce Planning: The Strategy Behind "Strategic Staffing"
By Christina Morfeld: This article presents several compelling reasons to undertake a workforce planning initiative, outlines the four-step process, and offers valuable "best practices" for optimal results.

Human Resources From Scratch
By Jeffrey Klineman: Many small nonprofit organizations, like Ms. Alvarado's, are now placing a priority on building their in-house human-resources expertise. Knowing when to add a manager or create a department to handle benefits, salary data, hiring and firing, and other sensitive administrative issues can be a challenge for a growing organization. Equally daunting, say nonprofit managers who have stepped into the role, is running an operation on a charity's tight budget -- or being assigned the job without having had any experience in the field of human resources.

What is the best HRMS (Human Resource Management System?
By Robert Bacal: Common question asked about human resource management software -- What is the best one? The answer is that it may not be the right question to ask.

Are There Any Best Practices For Succession Planning?
By Robert Bacal: Looking for best practices based on research identifying companies that are best at succession planning? Here's a starting point.


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