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We have gathered a number of articles related to strategic planning and business planning to make available on our own site. Some relate to the process of making strategic planning work, others relate to writing business plans, planning training and doing needs analysis.

Some of these articles have been written by Robert Bacal, author, consultant and trainer, while others have been made available from authors writing on planning issues, who have made their material available to us. We'll be adding new material regularly so check back. All articles will open in a new window. For a larger selection of summarized articles, check out our Planning Resource Center.

Strategic Planning Related

Strategic planning is one of the more commonly neglected business processes, particularly with smaller companies, and its also often botched by larger companies, resulting in a lot of effort put into creating planning reports that languish unread, and ignored in the backs of desk drawers. Here's some help specifically on the topic of strategic planning.

Business Planning Help

Business planning is one of those things that can go on forever, and that's one of the challenges. It's impossible to plan for every business eventuality into the future, so at some point, you need to say, "Enough is enough", and not get bogged down, so that you spend more time planning, than doing. Business planning is also very broad, and the actual plan you produce is going to be driven by the purpose of the plan. Some, for example, are intended for an investor audience, while others may never be read by anyone other than the person drafting the plan, say in a small business context. In the former, there are certain things investors look for, while in the latter, the plan itself becomes less important than the actual process and thinking that goes into it.

Business Startup Planning

As with general business planning, your plan, and the process you use depends on who's needs you need to address. Is your startup plan for venture capitalists, to convince them to invest? Is it something you are developing solely to guide yourself as you consider and decide about starting a business? Below are some articles that cover a range of startup business planning scenarios.

Financial Planning

It's an unfortunate fact that the people who should be doing financial planning so as to receive maximum benefit -- the young, are not often motivated to think down the road thirty or forty years. Of course, financial planning isn't limited to the young, and even those close to retirement need to do it well to ensure their financial security, but the truth is that most people don't really think about their financial security until they get closer to their senior years. Still, it's never too late. Even starting to plan financially at the ripe age of sixty can have critical and important benefits.

Estate Planning

Nobody wants to think of dying, and perhaps that's one reason why people tend to procrastinate on even the simple things associated with estate planning, even making a will. The consequences of NOT planning for the distribution of your wealth can be profound, however, not the least of which is that you may end up, through neglect, having the tax man benefit more than your relatives.

Sales & Marketing Plans and Planning

Most, if not all large companies do extensive sales and marketing plans, but smaller businesses tend to pay much less attention to developing both a strategy and marketing tactics for the long haul. This can result in squandering of scarce marketing money, because it ends up spent in bits and pieces, rather than as part of an overall, longer term strategy.

Project Planning and Meeting Planning and Meeting Management

Meetings are the bane of many employees' lives. Badly run meetings can actually have an negative effect on employee engagement, not to mention lost productivity, and increases in frustration. Meeting planning, and then ensuring that meetings follow plans, with clear purpose, and process seem so trivial that many people don't bother. And it shows.

Succession Planning

Disaster, Crisis, Business Continuity and Recovery Related

Human Resource Planning (HR Planning)


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