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Are Cognitive Biases and Reality Distortion Damaging Your Small Business Decisions?

We view the world through a range of prisms and distorting “googles”. All of us. In turn we make decisions everyday that affect our lives and small businesses. However we all suffer from cognitive biases that can throw our decision-making off due to reality distortion…

Cognitive Biases And Your Business: The Double Edged Sword of The Anchor Bias

Since all people are subject to various cognitive biases on a regular basis, at least some of those biases act as double edged swords — they can negatively impact on a business owner’s decision making by distorting the reality of the business and the market….

More Resources On Cognitive Biases and How They Affect You As A Small Business Person

Cognitive biases are not just the stuff that researchers and psychologists discuss and analyse. They play critical roles in how we make decisions as small business owners and operators, but they also affect our decisions made as purchasers of services and products from other vendors….


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