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Work Stress Getting To You? Getting Help - Free Articles

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Work Stress Getting To You? Getting Help

You might be surprised that more and more people are making use of the services of mental health professionals to help them deal with the stresses of modern day life and the demands of work and family. The good news is that it no longer carries a stigma to consult mental health professionals. If you are interested in learning more about how to choose a therapist or equivalent take a look at our Finding & Choosing A Therapist Who Works For You Helpcard

Life is stressful, and life in government, while satisfying can be full of stress, strain and uncertainty. Sometimes, personal issues and problems combine with these stresses to affect your happiness, health and sense of well-being. And sometimes, the pressures can be so overwhelming that you can't work through them yourself. Getting counselling help can be an important tool to help you restore a sense of balance and control in a chaotic world. In this article we are going to talk about when it might be appropriate to seek out this kind of help.

No Shame

There is a strong tendency to resist the idea that we might need help. It may surprise you to know that many more people seek help than you might think. In fact, it is likely that within your circle of friends or colleagues, at least one person (and probably more) have gone for some form of counselling or support. People just don't talk about it much. This leaves the impression that counselling is for "weak" people, or somehow means that people who seek it out are "abnormal" in some way. It is the opposite. People who ask for help when they need it show a maturity and awareness of themselves that others may not. Those who choose to suffer in silence pay a price that may not be necessary.

It is important to realize that if you go for counselling, it doesn't mean that you are crazy, or abnormal. It just means that you recognize that life is crazy enough to cause problems for the best of us.

Why Do People Seek Help?

People seek help for a number of problems. We can consider three types: addictions, personal problems, and workplace problems.

Addictions to substances such as alcohol or drugs (including prescription drugs) can be lethal, and are not confined to the "underbelly of society". Substance dependencies can destroy careers and families and need to be addressed.

Personal problems can include family difficulties such as a shaky marriage, trouble with teenagers, or the loss of a loved one. Or sometimes, anxiety and depression may stem from events that occurred some time ago (eg. abuse). These kinds of problems can also be debilitating, and cause a vicious circle. If they are not dealt with, they may increase distress.

Workplace problems relate to the stress of work, difficult interpersonal relationships with colleagues, or with the boss, or the effects of drastic change in our jobs.

Regardless of the types of issues you may be dealing with, counselling helps you cope more effectively with the problem. Counselling can't remove all the stresses, or "fix everything" but it can help you be better able to cope with what is happening.

Do I Need Help?

Only you can decide. We can suggest some "symptoms" that you might consider as suggesting that you might benefit from a counselling endeavor. But remember, its up to you.

  • increased liquor consumption
  • increased conflict at work
  • more work days missed due to sick leave
  • less tolerance for frustration (little things get to you)
  • feelings of anxiety/nervousness
  • sense of futility
  • difficulty sleeping
  • changes in appetite (overeating or undereating)
  • hating going into work
  • difficulty concentrating/getting work done

These are some of the signs that indicate that there may be some emotional turmoil in your life that needs attention. Or, they may be temporary reactions that will pass on their own. Again, you need to decide, taking into account how long these kinds of things have been going on.

Where To Get Help?

Most governments and private companies have Educational Assistance Programs available to employees. These programs will provide counselling or refer you to other resources that may be more appropriate. If you have a sympathetic family doctor, that may be a good place to start. There are also services offered by psychologists, psychiatrists and other agencies in the community if you prefer to go that route. Costs vary, depending on whether fees are covered by medical insurance plans (psychiatrists or other medical doctors are usually covered).

It is important to realize that counsellors are only human...there are good ones and bad ones. You need to find someone that you can trust, and that fits your own style. In a future issue we will give you some tips to help you decide if a
counsellor is "right for you".

Summing Up

Far more people than you would think take advantage of counselling to help them through rough periods. It is important to be alert to the possibility that your burden can be best carried by sharing the load with someone else, and sometimes
friends, or family are not enough. There IS help available, and seeking it out indicates that you are mature enough to recognize that you need it.

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