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Goring the Sacred Cows of Accepted Knowledge - Fads and Controversial Topics And Social Commentary

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Controversies, Hot Topics, and Let Me Gore Your Sacred Cow - Articles By Robert Bacal

Due to my academic background in Psychology, Education, and social science research, in addition to my experience in the work world, I tend to come at issues differently than many, even in the fields in which I practice. I also worry when I see an overwhelming number of people blindly putting their faith in something without actually having strong evidence.

As a result I tend to be interested in puncturing fads, debunking common sense that isn't really sense at all and taking a contrarian position on a number of topics. Here are some of the articles that hae emerged.

  • Social Media Successes Adept At Being Quotable and Creating Soundbytes Are the famous social media successes really saying wise things or are they simply more adept at being quotable, and creating wee soundbytes? If so, what does that say about us as a society?
  • Styles & The MBTI - Timewaster or Useful? It's incredible that a simplistic approach to personality based on the work of a completely discredited individual (Jung) could have so much popularity among trainers, consultants and people in general. Then again, it's simple, and reduces human functions to a few "categories" so people can be boxed up neatly. Professionals should know better.
  • Those Darned Motivational Speakers If you are thinking of hiring a motivational speaker, check out this article first .
  • Can Motivational Speakers Do Harm? Not only are most motivational speakers way overpriced but there are some dangers to bringing in one of these people to "motivate the troops." Read more about this here, and recall that I DO public speaking for fees, on occasion, but I refuse to do what people call "motivational speaking".
  • Management Fads - Things You Should Know To Avoid Being Had Management fads come and go, and for the most part each has at least some good components. However, the problem with fads, and what makes them fads is they are oversold and overhyped, and applied wrongly. It's the hype and hope syndrome. Great hype based on the hope that some techniques that costs little and is simple will solve ALL organizational problems. Of course, it doesn't. So it fades. More here.
  • The Problem With Pop Psychology In The Workplace Starting in the 1960's authors and publishers realized there was a huge market for books about Psychology, or rather, watered down books about Psychology written for lay people. From early on that allowed regular people to believe they could understand the complexity of human beings from reading a few watered down books written for..well...people who needed "simple". Now everyone and their dog believes that reading a few pop psych. books gives them a leg up on understanding people. Not so. This article deals with the problems this can cause in the workplace.
  • Social Media Empowering Customers? Balderdash Find out why all the claims about social media empowering customers is just plain wrong, and based on a lack of understanding of power and influence.
  • Social Media and 50 Million Frenchmen Can't Be Wrong Sadly we seem to be in an era where popularity determines what is "true". That so many people are saying simliar things about social media effectivenes does not make it so.
  • The Church Of Social Media Ever strike you that all the talk about the power of media sounds remarkably like the sermons, faith and belief found churches? Except without G*D, and all?
  • The Big Social Media Lie: Disagreement = "Don't Get It" When social media proponents talk, they label anyone who disagrees by saying "They Don't Get It". Why? Maybe because their fanaticism is not based on data, or track record, but simply on faith and belief, NOT evidence. Why else would they put down CEO'S, executives and so on?
  • Why We Get So Much Faulty Information About Social Media We are inundated with poor data and incomplete information about social media that makes it appear far more useful for business than is warranted. Why? Conspiracy?
  • Fact, Opinion, Truth in An Era of Information Overload, or..Are We Living In The Most Ignorant Era In Human History? We have access to more and more information, yet identifying who to believe is now the biggest challenge in knowledge management and learning.

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