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Change Management and Leadership Articles By Robert Bacal

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Articles On Change Management & Leadership By Bacal

Effective change managers and good leaders are better able to bring their companies and employees through tough times, and create the conditions that support superior performance when times are good.  At this point in history the abilities to lead and implement and manage change may BE two of the essential qualities required for executive and management jobs. Lest we forget, leadership can also emerge from the ranks -- from regular employees who lead and manage change without formal authority.

  • Authentic Leadership: Is Dana White, President Of The UFC The Most "Authentic" Leader On The Planet: He's brash. He's a star, and he's a hugely successful company president. He's also insulting, aggressive, obnoxious to almost everyone at one time or another. What can we learn about being authentic as a leader?
  • The One, and One Thing Only That We Know About Leadership: Leadership has interested human beings for centuries, but the remarkable thing is how LITTLE we know about it. We can't predict who will be a good one, and not. Here's why.
  • Understanding The Cycle of Change, And How People React To It There is a fairly predictable set of steps people apply to adapting to change that are essential to know if you want to bring about change in your organization. Here they are.
  • The Importance of Leadership In Managing Change Whether change is imposed from outside as a result of circumstances, or is planned and designed from the inside, leadership IS the critical factor that will determine whether the results expected from the changes will occur, or not
  • Leading Those That Remain After Downsizing Or Job Loss Often the people who remain after downsizing would have been better off losing their jobs. It's those that remain that bear the brunt, emotionally and practically, as work loads increase, and morale plumments. Leadership is the answer.
  • For Managers - How Constant Change Affects Managers And Wears Them Down And Out It's easy to forget that managers are as much victims of the fast flow of change in the workplace, particularly if you are an employee "looking up" at them. In fact, the toll of a constantly changing workplace exacts a greater toll on decision-makers than non-decision makers, as per a number of psychological studies on stress.
  • The Responsive Leader/Manager There's no single "thing" common to all successful leaders, but one thing that's worth looking at is how leaders and managers respond to the people around them. We call this "responsiveness", and in this article we discuss its relevance to leaders.
  • The Responsiveness Paradigm In this article we explain the idea of "responsiveness" as a general characteristic. There's great potential to extend the notion beyond being responsive to people, but also to environmental cues and variables that come with change.
  • Turning Around Negative Attitudes Common problem - negative attitudes in the workplace. Hard pressed companies often break the psychological contract with employees, resulting in negative attitudes. Of course there are other reasons, but what can managers and leaders do to turn around negative attitudes at work? Here are some ideas.
  • Leadership - The Link Between Planning & Doing As someone who's lead a number of strategic planning sessions, one thing that jumps onto my radar is that any kind of planning, to have any positive effect, must be based on the leader's ability to get across the role, mission, values and goals embodied in the plan. Planning is useless without this essential element. More in the article.
  • The Long Term Effects of Downsizing Companies keep downsizing, then growing, than downsizing, and the cycle never ends. The reasons are many, not the least of which is over-catering on short term shareholder value. However, having gone through a number of these cycles, and having looked at the research, it's clear to me that the long term effects of downsizing, even once, are such that it's one of the dumbest things companies do. The research bears this out over and over, with a very large percentage of senior executives expressing disappointment that the goals of the downsizing were not actually met.
  • Critical Factors For Dealing With Downsizing - Quicktips More on downsizing in the form of some quick tips.
  • Empowerment Difficulties  - Employees That Don't Wanna Despite all the hullabaloo about empowerment, in psychological terms, it's not simple. Proponents often base their ideas on false assumptions about human motivation, taken primarily from the upper middle class, white collar population. It's not that it's completely wrong, but it's not all the correct, either. Here's one issue: empowering employees who simply don't want the responsibility.
  • Understanding The Seven Dynamics of Change Another brief article on seven principles you need to know to design and/or implement change in the workplace, or anywhere else, for that matter.

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