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Social Media Commentary - Part Deux (Two)

Check out the book on the British Amazon site Check out amazon for complete information on the print edition In Canada? You can get this from within the country via The Kindle version can save you tons of money, and you can read it on almost any device with the free reader software Buy the PDF from us and save BIG. And, yes you can print it out or view it on a screen.

More "Wee" Thoughts On Social Media

Welcome to part 2 of our mini comments on social media. Part one, if you are inclined to read material that will challenge your understanding of social media is here.

Social Media - The Record Is Stuck

Watching hundreds of re-twitterations of Godin/Solis every day, and what strikes me is that a lot of the quotes people resend are lacking in thought, insight or are incorrect. NO thought on part of readers, just blind clone - new social dittohead behavior. Not to say these fellows don't say good stuff, but just that they could be completely wrong, and everyone would still applaud.

Myth Of Customer Empowerment

When you see someone expounding on how social media is empowering the consumer or shifting the power balance, you can be sure that the person understands NOTHING about power and influence. It's illusion based on false idea of how things change via use of power. Individuals have no more power than they ever had to affect things, and collectives (groups) only have power if they can be made to act in concert in the real, not virtual world.

You ARE Being Exploited On Social Media

Will users/contributors to corporate sites finally realize they are being exploited as unpaid content providers and user support representatives in aid of increasing corporate profits and share prices?

Microblogging and The Incredible Shrinking Brain

One of the biggest issues about microblogging occurs when otherwise intelligent people send short soundbyte messages (<140 characters) and believe that they have said something original, profound, complete or significant. Dude, there's almost nobody who can do that on the entire planet. Stop believing what you write!

The Myth of "Being Where The Customers Are". Because They Are Everywhere

As a business you have to choose where to put your efforts on social media so there is a fit between the needs and mindset of your potential customers, and what you have to offer how you offer it and when you offer it. If you don't you become an annoyance — social media spam. Besides, social media has made "where the customer is" almost trivial, since he or she can move at a click of a button. Poof!

Videos Online: Dude, Your Head Is Shiny and I'm Out Of Here

Enough. I don't care how round your head is, or how well you think you come across on your wee webcam, I'm NOT sitting through a 4 minute vid. of you at your desk staring at your talking head. Even if you have hair. At least write the key points out so they could be eyeballed? Amazed how many social media superstars do this.

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