Imperfect Phrases For Relationships

101 COMMON Things You Should Never Say TO Someone Important To You...And What To Say Instead

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We've now completed the posting of the next relationship killer phrases. Here's the list.

I'm Not The Only One, Everyone Thinks That... (Passive aggressive technique to pressure another person isn't likely to endear you to anyone).

It's All In Your Mind (A terrible thing to say, since it demeans the other person, and shuts down real conversation).

It's None of Your Business (Sometimes you are asked things you don't want to disclose but this isn't the way to say it. It's hostile and aggressive).

I Was Only Kidding (The King of passive aggressive phrases, often used to excuse insults and bad behavior)

I Will If You Will (A means of holding off on doing the right thing until the other person starts it off. Abdicates responsibility and it's game playing).

I've Told You A Thousand Times (You get frustrated saying the same thing over and over, but this isn't the way to get the point across).

Just Leave It, I'll Do It Myself (Often parents use this destructive phrase with children).

It's No Big Deal (...but it often is a big deal to you, so you should say so in a constructive way).

Lighten Up (Passive aggressive way often used to excuse being offensive in the guise of humor)

Listen To Yourself (A poor way of criticizing)

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