Imperfect Phrases For Relationships

101 COMMON Things You Should Never Say TO Someone Important To You...And What To Say Instead

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Robert's books have sold over 300 thousand copies worldwide, and have been translated into Chinese, French, German and Japanese.

He holds a Masters Degree in Applied Psychology, and has taught clinical and counselling psychology at the college level.

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· Come on, you aren’t being logical here.

· You’re letting your emotions interfere with your thinking.


Clearly, an accusation, and often used in a sexist, or stereotypic way by men commenting on a woman’s behavior. In any event, nobody likes to be told this, even when it’s true, so it tends to side-track away from the issue.

 Make It Better:

If you feel the other person is allowing his or her emotions to cloud judgment, you can be more helpful in the following ways.

· Jack, are you sure you’re not letting your emotions affect your thinking on this?

· Mary, why not sleep on it for a day or two, and see if you see [the issue] in the same way?

· Jerry,  if you want to bounce around your ideas and thoughts on this, I’d be glad to help. 

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